Wing-T Coaches Registry

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Mouse over the placemark on the map for name and location, and click it for the details.

I’d like coaches to see where other coaches are on the map. I guess that I have a dreamed up a scenario where “Coach X” works at a school in Cincinnati and runs a traditional Wing-T, all from under center. He looks at the map and sees that there is a placemark on the map in Dayton (which is an hour or so from Cincinnati). When “Coach X” clicks that placemark, he sees that “Coach Y” runs his Wing-T all out the gun. This is a great opportunity for the two coaches, and maybe their staffs, to get together and learn from each other.

I have driven five hours to the National Wing-T Clinic every year for the past six years, and I’ve driven four to six hours to visit Wing-T camps every year. I would drive to visit another staff if it could make me better.

The information from the form below goes straight to my email inbox. I think that providing your EMAIL ADDRESS would be a really good idea. By allowing me to post that, it will make it easy for other coaches to communicate with you. If you do not want your email posted, please still allow me to post your name, school, and “version” of the offense.

If you want to change anything, or have any questions, email me: