I’ve compiled a short list of links that I believe can give us all valuable insight into the Wing-T. Do YOU have a good one that I’ve missed? Email me at This link is first for a reason. Bryan Schaumloffel’s forums page has sections for the spread, defense, drills, and more. Most importantly, the Wing-T message board is the most comprehensive source of coach conversation you can find about the offense. The hyperlink takes you directly to the Wing-T section of his message board, but going to just will lead you to a fine collection of articles about the offense. Coach Huey’s website is HUGE. Many sub-boards are included, so look at the “Offense” section and see sub-boards that include, “General Offense,” “Passing Game,” “Pass Protection,” “Running Game,” and “Offensive Drills.” This website is packed with knowledge, which is good, since you can’t JUST run the Wing-T. You’ll need to work on your defense, special teams, offseason workouts, dealing with your athletic director, etc. **A tip for finding information on the website: rather than using the website’s search function, just go to Google and make “” one of your search terms. Coach Marcelo Metzelar was recently named as the head football coach at Miami Country Day School. His website contains a Wing-T playbook, articles that he has written himself, a message board, and video clips. He includes a lot of original material. Coach Metz is a “regular” on, very knowledgeable, and a nice guy. Coach Pat Murphy (Capital HS, MT) has dedicated this website, as you might imagine, to running the Wing-T out of the shotgun. He includes descriptions, diagrams, and video clips, as well as posts about ways to improve the offense. If you want even more detail, he has DVDs for sale.


Coach Murphy draws up the Bucksweep from the gun and turns it into three plays. The QB reads the defense prior to the snap, and may go straight to a bubble screen backside. At the snap, the QB reads the backside DE and might pull the ball in and run off tackle. If he sees the defense cover the backside receivers, the backside DE sit and read him, then the just hands the ball to the HB who runs Bucksweep. Great, yet simple idea (in my opinion). Lew Johnston has been around the block a couple times, and I mean that with complete respect. Varsity head coach, retired coach, middle school head coach, then playing in a state championship game as a varsity header again. His website is of great value beyond the Wing-T. Actually, I would not characterize it as a Wing-T site at all, even though the man is a Wing-T guru. The value of the website is his general wisdom. He addresses how to treat assistant coaches, movies that teach about character, how to deal with defeat, and what to do when you finally get that HC job. While he can be opinionated, he is compassionate, and worth listening to (in my opinion).


On a personal note, I had some questions about the “extra” TE on the backside when running double TE Bucksweep. Coach Lew chimed in on the post I had made on, so I just emailed him directly. He does not know me from Adam, but typed away like he owed me something. After all of the details that I could handle and more, he finished like this: “THAT WAS FUN!  I HOPE I’M NOT TOO LATE… LET ME HEAR FROM YOU!” Class act. This website is run by Blair Hrovat. I had heard the name, but never seen the man in person until I visited the National Wing-T Camp in Trine, IN. I had visited the camps several times, and Dave McDonald had always been the QB instructor, but they had Coach Hrovat take the QBs this past summer. I was very impressed by his knowledge and tempo. His website displays his knowledge well. Based on the depth of his MANY articles on the site, you can see what I mean. **Note that some sections/articles require you to pay for a membership. I do not have a membership, so I can’t tell you much more.  Coach Bernie Hayes, or “Coach Big B,” has created a website with many resources. It started (I believe) as a resource for youth coaches, but has evolved into a site for youth-high school coaches. It is not a Wing-T, but Coach Big B has compiled a nice list of interviews with Wing-T coaches in his “Red Zone Show” section. The “Red Zone Show” is an internet radio program produced and run by Coach Hayes that can be listened to live, or via podcasts on iTunes. He has interviewed Denny Dierick, Bruce Cobleigh, Glen McNew, Rich Erdelyi, and more. His “Wing-T Round Table” is a great conversation with several prominent Wing-T coaches. Additionally, he features coaches who coach the Single Wing offense and who coach the Double Wing offense. Coach Wes Elrod is known as the Jet Sweep master, and he knows a lot more than that. One of the greatest strengths that he brings to the table is the use of multiple formations. “Multiple” is an understatement. He is crafty and will outmatch the defense. His forums at include sections dedicated to the Wing-T, but also video clips and more. Like all of the coaches that I’ve communicated with personally, he is a nice guy. Don’t even get me started on how funny he is… Coach Mike Vicars has been running the Wing-T for twenty-five years. He is currently the head coach at Swanton High School,in northern Ohio. Although Coach Vicars is just getting started on his website, it includes advice on starting the offense, consulting, and provides future topics to be covered.


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