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Practicing & Installing the Bucksweep – Text by Coach Lew Johnston

As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve communicated with Coach Lew Johnston via email. He has always been helpful, giving me advice when I didn’t have anything to give him back. At the National Wing-T Clinic in Pittsburgh, I got the chance to talk to Lew in person. He’s overwhelmingly nice, and even more energetic. Anyway, he […]

The Wedge: Part I

The Wedge? What Wing-T series does that play fall into? None. Yet, it does fit with the philosophy of the Wing-T. In Chapter 3 of The Delaware Wing-T: An Order of Football, Coaches Raymond and Kempski explain how the Wing-T offense consists primarily of a rushing attack. Here is an excerpt from p. 27: “The […]

Flop the offense, or not?

When I started coaching 7th grade football at Glen Este, I knew less than nothing about the Wing-T. Everything that I learned was in the context of how Zak Taylor, HC and OC, ran the offense. Initially, I assumed that everybody ran things the same way. This was the situation when I started coaching the […]

Tip of the Week – December 17

Tip of the Week          –           December 17 The Offset Fullback   First of all, why offset your fullback? When you offset your FB, you can add another blocker for the Rocket Sweep, which I believe is the biggest reason to do it. Of course, once the defense picks up on this additional blocker, they will […]

Tip of the Week – December 11

  Motion used with the Belly play – What’s the Difference?   The Belly is a FB off tackle play, usually run to the weak or SE side. Everything in this post assumes that the play is run to the weak side with a SE, like out of Red/Blue. If you visit my “Base Plays” […]

Tip of the Week – December 6

  My first “tip” involves one of my favorite formations. Where I learned the Wing-T, the HC gave almost all of the formations names that contained an “R” if the TE was to line up on the right side of the line, or an “L” if he was to line up on the left.  The […]