I’m Don Jacobs. I coach the backs at Batavia High School, just east of Cincinnati, Ohio. I’m also the offensive coordinator. I’ve coached football for fourteen years, with only one year outside of a Wing-T system.

I began researching the offense, hoping to be an “expert.” Years later, I’ve learned a thing or two. Books, websites, clinics, and camps, as well as personal experience, have all given me a good understanding of the offense.



My Website’s Mission

Lots of coaches have helped me learn the Wing-T, and they’ve asked for little or nothing from me. I’d like to help coaches who are unfamiliar with the Wing-T learn more about it. I doubt that anyone could run the offense with only what they find on my website, but it should a coach move in the right direction.



Email me at wingtcoach.com@gmail.com, and follow me on Twitter @wingtcoachdon. I’d love to discuss the Wing-T offense with you.