Slack (#wingtchat) for 4/14: Power

This week, I’ll very likely be going solo moderating the discussion. Chris leads the charge week in and week out, but has business to attend to.

This week’s topic is Power. Benefits, complimentary plays, how to block it vs. various defensive fronts, variations, and more.

I hate to sound like a teacher, but this one might go better if we do our homework. I basically just laid out the questions above, so it would be nice if participants had some material ready to go. Lots of coaches have already been doing this, on the spur of the moment, but I wanted to give notice to everyone. YouTube links to videos of Power (and variations/compliments), a list of rules, diagrams, etc., all would enrich the discussion.

The #wingtchat has evolved into the Slack chat, and the Slack chat has already begun evolving into the “let’s chat on Slack all week” format. Let’s try to keep the momentum going, and continue to make this more substantial that just throwing out casual opinions.

If you are not already registered for the Slack discussion, email Chris Brooks ( to get registered.

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