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Advice for the NEW Wing-T Coach

I’ve been in contact with over a dozen Wing-T coaches, asking them what advice they’d give to a coach just starting out with this offense. I’m trying to give new coaches some real direction to help them out, and this time, it isn’t just coming from me. So far, I’ve received responses from: Joe Sells […]

2014 National Wing-T Clinic – Part III

Jeff Herron coached at Camden County (GA) for years, leading the school to three state titles in Georgia’s largest football division. This past season, he took over at Prince Avenue Christian, in a much smaller division. (Article about Coach Herron) A couple of years ago, I had heard Coach Herron speak about using unbalanced formations. […]

2014 National Wing-T Clinic – Part II

Gerry Gallagher spoke on Traps with multiple formations and motions, Chad Hetlet covered more about the Jet, and Glen McNew spoke about the base Wing-T. I chose Glen McNew, since I hadn’t heard him speak about the offense in years. When I did attend one of his sessions, I knew as much about the offense […]