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National Wing-T Clinic – 2013 – Recap

As soon as my friends here at school saw me this morning, they asked me how the clinic was. I couldn’t stop talking about it. I think this was my sixth year in a row, so I have some other experiences to compare it to. To start, going to Pittsburgh is always nice. For me […]

Congratulations Coach Sade

Congratulations to Paul Sade on being named the Churubusco (IN) HS head coach.  I don’t have any details, but recognized Churubusco on and saw that it was fresh news. Best of luck, coach!

The Wedge – Part II

I will explain what I understand about the Double Wing version of the Wedge, and then how I used it within my Wing-T playbook.   The Double Wing has a balanced seven-man offensive line, with a TE on each end. The OL has foot-to-foot splits. These tight splits help prevent penetration, and also cut down […]

The Wedge: Part I

The Wedge? What Wing-T series does that play fall into? None. Yet, it does fit with the philosophy of the Wing-T. In Chapter 3 of The Delaware Wing-T: An Order of Football, Coaches Raymond and Kempski explain how the Wing-T offense consists primarily of a rushing attack. Here is an excerpt from p. 27: “The […]